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Kristin Magrit working with natural fibres in her studio.

Simple lessons in fabric

In the world of fabric, there’s a world of difference. So, we thought we’d bring you something of a simple lesson in fabric, and fabric certificati...

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5 Questions | Fesi Djojo

5 Questions | Fesi Djojo

Fesi Djojo -  inspirational mother, businesswoman and plant stylist extraordinaire, discover Fesi’s incredible home filled with over 550 plants, th...

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Kristin Magrit is a sustainable clothing label for women who live consciously and choose carefully. We make joyful clothes for everyday wear. We strive to live a slow lifestyle and design with this in mind. Our clothes are handcrafted in small batches to ensure love and care is poured into every garment. We use plant-based fabrics and all elements are chosen based on their ability to break down and leave not a trace behind.

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