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Kristin Magrit spreads linen out on a cutting table there are rolls of fabric in background and light shines in from a huge old window.Our sustainable label 

Kristin Magrit was founded in 2017 with the intention of giving conscious people the opportunity to wear their values with clothes made sustainably.

We believe in slow fashion and are interested in how ethical clothes contribute to living a slow life. We design with this philosophy in mind. 

Our garments are handcrafted in small batches or made-to-order locally. We only use plant-based fabrics, and every element is chosen for its ability to break down.

We believe clothes are artworks to be enjoyed, either by making them yourself or mindfully choosing what you wear. 

Kristin Magrit is about embodying confidence, creativity and style. We want you to feel joyful and comfortable in aspirational clothes you can wear all the time.

Behind Kristin Magrit

Traditional making was instilled in Kristin from an early age. She remembers the intricate and colourful handwork of her mother, aunts and grandmothers. And learned of the needlework going back generations.

Kristin trained as a clothing designer in New Zealand. She began her career in theatre and film before transitioning into commercial knitting and launching her own label. 

After taking a break from design and moving to Perth, Kristin decided she wanted to connect with the creative community through the art of clothes again.

Kristin has a thoughtful approach to creativity and draws inspiration from the beauty in the everyday. It’s through making that Kristin is able to express her commitment to slow living and sustainability. 

The Perth designer lives in a wooden workers’ cottage, which she and her architect partner lovingly restored with the vision to live a more sustainable life. Together, they have two children, a cat, Hokey Pokey and dog, Tahi. 

Most days you’ll find Kristin in her studio with the windows flung open and the sunshine streaming in. She’ll have a pencil, sketch pad, scissors, sampling fabric and a cup of coffee with her sewing machine at the ready.

Kristin Magrit sits at her sewing machine making one of her designs.Our values

Slow living

We believe garments are an essential part of a slower lifestyle. We design timeless pieces that surpass trends and will be fixtures in your wardrobe for many years.


Our fabrics are natural and biodegradable with Oeko-Tex or GOTS certifications. We’re working towards sustainable threads, buttons and zips. We also make in small batches to reduce waste.  

Supporting local

We support local, independent businesses. Our makers are within 12kms of our designer. We work with knitters in Kristin’s home country New Zealand, as there are none in WA.


Our garments are handcrafted by only a select few. Each piece is sewn individually, ensuring attention, love and care are poured into every piece.


We believe you are your own artwork. We celebrate individuality by designing clothes you can make your own. We want you to experience the joy of creating yourself with KM designs.


KM is a mostly one-woman show but is supported by like-minded businesses. We are always making connections with local creatives and value community and collaboration in all forms.

Want to wear your values with clothing made sustainably? Take a look at our latest designs.

Kristin Magrit looks through her sample rail at home in her studio.