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The Kristin Magrit Story

Founded in 2017, the philosophy behind Kristin Magrit has always been to create thoughtfully made, beautiful yet genuinely wearable clothes. Clothes designed to be worn every day, for years to come that leave a minimal impact on the world.

Kristin Magrit garments are handcrafted in Perth Western Australia from luxurious natural fabrics, such as linen, organic cotton, raw silk and Merino wool. "We care deeply about what we make, how we make it and how our clothing can positively impact the lives of those that wear them." 

Kristin grew up in New Zealand learning and being inspired by the traditional needlework and handwork of her mother, aunts and grandmothers. Kristin went on to study costume and commercial knitting design. After years in the apparel industry she felt increasingly frustrated at the impact fast fashion was having not only on the environment but on the wearer.

Kristin believes in slow fashion and that clothes made in an authentic way - ethically and sustainably, can help contribute to living a wonderfully slow life. Kristin lives in a wooden workers cottage with her husband, two children, a cat called Hokey Pokey and Tahi the dog.

Kristin Magrit sits at her sewing machine making one of her designs.

Kristin Magrit looks through her sample rail at home in her studio.Photo Credit | Kristin at work in her studio | by The Essentialist

Photo Credit | Kristin from her collaboration with fibre artist Siân Boucherd | By Raquel Aranda